Free online programming videos

The videos and tutorials on this site are free. You can watch as many as you want, when you want.

Top quality videos

All online programming tutorials are recorded in HD (newer videos in 4K video). These video programming lessons include screenshots, narration, live action, graphics, and audio.


Transcripts included

The transcripts for every video are included on the video lesson page. You can use these to search for specific programming topics, accessibility.

Code available

Source code is included for most lessons (where applicable) on the lesson page. The source code is licensed under the MIT license.

Trained software engineer

I’m a software developer with over 18 years of programming experience in a variety of computer programming languages. I’ve worked on client applications on native operating systems, web applications, mobile applications, REST applications, big data systems, and large computer systems. My goal is to use this experience to help others become a better programmer.

New courses added regularly

Course lessons are added as they are created. There’s at least one Java and one Swift video each week.

Courses broken up into small lessons

You can view the lessons you want, or even skip ahead. Each programming video is usually 10 minutes or less. Less than the time it takes to drink one coffee (or beer!). This is great for skipping to a particular topic, or watching while on the go.

Access to the teacher

I’m available via email or on the Facebook page for questions on the video tutorials. Consider me your personal teaching assistant. If I get enough of the same question, I’m even likely to make a video on that topic!


Want to learn more?

Watch the video to learn more about DeegeU, and the video tutorials!

DJ Spiess

DJ Spiess

Your personal instructor

My name is DJ Spiess and I’m a developer with a Masters degree in Computer Science working in Colorado, USA. I primarily work with Java server applications. I started programming as a kid in the 1980s, and I’ve programmed professionally since 1996. My main focus are REST APIs, large-scale data, and mobile development. The last six years I’ve worked on large National Science Foundation projects. You can read more about my development experience on my LinkedIn account.

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