Frequently asked questions

How does make money if the programming courses are free?

All revenue for these courses is from advertising.

How do I suggest a topic for a course or video?

You can email, leave a message on the Facebook page, or the Google+ page.

What is the license for the video programming courses' source code?
What is the license for the programming videos on and

You may not copy, modify, merge, distribute, publish, sublicense or sell the videos.

The videos are copyright by and DJ Spiess. All rights are reserved. You may link up to 4 videos on your website, as long as you give credit to and link to the original lesson.

Can I hold a public performance (classroom, meetup, etc) of the videos?

You may show the videos unedited and unmodified. It should remain clear the videos are from

Can I write for

Most of our content is video. We do not have a process in place to accept videos from other authors at this time.

Can you review my code?

No, unfortunately I don’t have the resources or time to perform code reviews. I will answer questions you have related to particular lessons, or snippets related to an individual problem.

What is the privacy policy for

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