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Deege U is focused on providing you high quality programming tutorial videos on a variety of programming, software engineering and computer science topics. Each playlist of programming tutorial videos are designed, written, and grouped together as a single free online programming class. There are also single topic videos designed to answer a specific question. The direction of this blog is community driven, so if there are topics you’d like covered, let me know.

I learn something new about software development every day, and this programming tutorial videos blog is about sharing those experiences with you. My Github account is where I keep the code for this video blog.

Videos are not released on a set schedule. They are released as created. This allows larger topics to be released together, instead of one lesson at a time. Some lessons are meant as a standalone topic, while others are lessons that are a part of free online classes.

DJ Spiess

DJ Spiess

Your personal instructor

My name is DJ Spiess and I’m a developer with a Masters degree in Computer Science working in Colorado, USA. I primarily work with Java server applications. I started programming as a kid in the 1980s, and I’ve programmed professionally since 1996. My main focus are REST APIs, large-scale data, and mobile development. The last six years I’ve worked on large National Science Foundation projects. You can read more about my development experience on my LinkedIn account.

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