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by Apr 15, 2015

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  1. Create a project in NetBeans

Transcript – How do I create a Java project in NetBeans?

Alright so we’re gonna start using an IDE from this point forward. So I can walk you through the steps. Using an IDE makes development much easier because it provides code completion, and error checking as you go.

Here first thing I’m going to do is start NetBeans.

Once I’m in Netbeans, I’m going to create a new Java project. A project is just the collection of files used to make an application.

I’ll select, “File”, then “New Project”. This will bring up a dialog window. I’m going to select Maven for the category.

Maven is a tool used to build larger projects. It also makes it much easier to take source code on one machine to another and have a compile. It’s something I recommend that you look into.

All the Java tutorials on use Maven. There are two tutorials to give you a deeper look at Maven if you like. For the project type, I’m going to select Java application. Hit next.

For the name I’ll use Primitives. You can call it anything you like. This is the name to reference your project. It will use the name for other parts here. You can accept the defaults and click finish. This creates an empty project.

So now we need to add a Java file to edit. Open the “Source Packages” folder. There should be something called a package under the source packages folder. If there isn’t, select default package. This is something that we’re gonna cover in later lessons.

Right click and select “New”. Then select “Java Class”. Name the class “PrimitivesExample” and click finish.

This will create a Java file.

Does it look familiar? It should look similar to the Hello World app we created in last lesson. It’s just missing the main method and the hello world part.

So let’s add the main method. Then at the print statement to say “Hello World”. We just want to test the IDE. The pop-ups you’re seeing as I type are called code completion windows. It’s trying to complete what I type. I’ll just say “test” instead of “Hello World”.

Save the file by going to File and Save. Now let’s run the application. Select “Run”, then “Run Project”. The first time you run this, its gonna ask what class is used for the main method. We only
have one so the choice is pretty easy.

It should compile and run the application in the console window the console is the area at the bottom the of the IDE. It mimics what you’d see if you ran it from a command line. It prints more than normal here, because we’re using Maven to compile.

You can see it printed “test”, so it works.

And that’s how we’re going to create projects for Java applications.

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